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Online Payroll Services for Small Business

When you work with Payroll Express, your business gains it's own virtual payroll department that works to fit your specific needs.

All of our payroll services are available online, and every customer has a personal payroll specialist assigned to them to assist with anything they might need.

Our payroll services are easy to use, easy to understand, and will let you focus on what's most important to any small business, growing.

What do we do?

Payroll Express offers simple and easy to use online payroll services for small business across the United States.

We calculate, withhold, collect, pay and report all payroll taxes associated with paying employees.

We guarantee that your payroll taxes are calculated, paid and reported correctly or WE will pay the penalty.

With Payroll Express, you will finally be free from the time and risk of trying to stay on top of payroll yourself.

Why do we do it?

Payroll is tricky business these days. With constantly changing payroll tax structure, rules, and regulations it's hard to know what's required of you, and if you are in compliance with payroll laws.

Small Business's and Entrepreneurs are the life blood, and foundation of America. We want them to thrive! We strive to provide a cost effective and easy to use service that will help business's grow.

By working with Payroll Express you'll have no more payroll penalties, no more payroll headaches, and your time will be spent on what's most important to you: growing your business.

Sign up today for the easiest, most cost effective online payroll service for small business, Payroll Express!