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How can a business owner possibly keep up with all of the changing payroll tax rules, regulations and rates?

Clients of Payroll Express don’t even think about all of the constant changes. That’s what a virtual payroll department is for. We are constantly uploading updated payroll tax tables, limits and rates from all of the Federal and State agencies.

I don’t understand how to withhold pretax benefits, 401K payments, garnishments, or child support payments.

We do! Payroll Express accommodates all types of necessary reductions in employees checks. We also send those withholdings to the proper agencies with each payroll run.

I just gave a raise to my best employee. Now they all want one! How do I keep payroll information confidential?

Payroll Express offers business owners a simple way to keep payroll information confidential. All of our clients have a secure online account with username and password protection. Your employee information is safely stored away from wandering eyes. Just let us know who can see the information and who can’t!

My employee told me that she was making the 941 payments. I believed her until she sent me a postcard from the Bahamas and said “Thanks for the trip!”

Time after time we bring on clients that have been burned by an employee that was suppose to be paying the payroll taxes but wasn’t. As a business owner there is very little recourse in a situation like this. By contracting with a professional payroll firm, we are on the line. If we make a mistake, we will be the ones to fix it and pay the penalties or fines. Your employees will also feel a sense of stability and professionalism knowing that you have a payroll team at your disposal.

My bookkeeper just quit and payroll’s due tomorrow!!!!! Ayyy, I wish I had a friend that knew how to work this computer.

Turnover can really put a kink the flow of business. Especially around pay day! With payroll express you don’t have to worry about being left “Holding the bag” We are there when you need us. We are an advocate in business with you. A good friend with mad payroll skills!

940, 941, SUTA, FUTA, Who’da? What’da???

The terminology alone is enough to drive a business owner nuts! Payroll Express takes care of all your Federal and State payroll tax filings. We know when to file, what to file and where to file! You don’t ever have to think about it again!

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