Payroll Processing Service

Payroll Express offers a common sense approach to payroll processing.

We have developed a custom payroll processing system by combining real life customer service with the speed, security, and convenience of an online, cloud based, payroll service.

Managing your employee information and submitting a payroll for processing is easy as clicking a button.

Our clients rest at ease knowing that they have a personal payroll specialist and virtual payroll department at their disposal. Once setup in our system, processing payroll is a simple 5 step process:

  1. Submit your employee's hours and/or salary amounts via your online account, email, fax or phone.
  2. Your Personal Payroll Specialist will review and process your payroll.
  3. You will receive notification that your payroll has been processed and posted to your account.
  4. Your employees will be paid 1 of 4 ways:
    1. An actual check printed by you, from a file posted to your online account.
    2. Direct Deposit from your own payroll account to your employees account.
    3. A check from your own payroll account, printed by Payroll Express, and mailed overnight to you (postage applies).
    4. A check (or cash) written by you on your account matching the net amounts shown on your payroll report.
  5. Payroll Express will draft the payroll taxes and fee associated with your payroll. This allows you to hold your money longer than other payroll services! All payroll taxes will be distributed to the appropriate entities, and all payroll tax returns and reports that are required by law will be filed. Your tax payments, filing, and reports will be on time and accurate or we will pay the penalties!

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