• Creating an account with Payroll Express is easy. To start, you will need your Federal ID #, your State Withholding # (if applicable), and your State Unemployment # and Rate. If you have any questions, call one of our payroll pros at 1-866-472-9397 

  • With Payroll Express and our team of payroll specialists, employee record management has never been easier. To add your employees to our system, smply login to your Payroll Express account, click the employee add/edit button, and input employee information. 

  • Employers can process payroll with ease with Payroll Express.  To process payroll, employers simply click the “Enter Payroll” button on the easy to navigate dashboard.  The employer then goes down the list of employees and inputs the hours or salary amounts of each employee.  When finished, the employer can preview the payroll for errors and close the payroll when it's perfect!

  • If your employees are paid by direct deposit, they will be able to access their wages the morning of payday. If your employees receive physical checks, the employer must print out the checks and give them to each employee. That is it.

    As a customer, you are protected by the Payroll Express promise:  "Your payroll, tax payments, and tax reporting will be on time and accurate, or we will pay the penalties."

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  • Matt Waldram
    Owner of Castle Lake Insurance

    "If there is anything payroll related, payroll express takes care of it! 14 years without wasting time on a single tax notice or paying a single tax penalty!"

  • Jenny Olsen
    CEO of Fiesta Ole

    "They pick up the phone every time I call.   I never worry about payroll or payroll taxes.   I couldn't imagine running a business without them."

  • Martha Herrera
    Owner of Puerto Vallarta

    "Payroll Express literally makes payroll as simple as pushing a button!  Their technology and platform is amazing!"

  • Brent Gordon
    President of Brent Gordon Law Firm

    "Their technology just continues to get better and better with the changing times, and the customer service is out of this world!"

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