Payroll Express™ understands the importance of good employees; they are the building blocks of good companies. It is with them that your customers will interact, and it is their faces that will make up the face your company.

Payroll Express™ Employment Screening is here so that you can be sure that the face you show is the kind you want people to see. The damage that could be done by a single bad hire could take years to correct or even be irreparable. Pre-employment background checks greatly reduce the risk of employee theft, fraud, and embezzlement.

We offer a battery of screening options and reports for pre-employment screening designed to keep you, your customers, and your employees safe from sex offenders or other people with violent or criminal histories.

By pre-screening your employees, you are sending a message that you are serious about safety to all those you affiliate with. At Payroll Express™ we want your business to thrive. Our Employment Screening service protects you and helps you build a strong workforce.