Our Employee Self Service Paperless Payroll allows your employees to access their important information in real time and at their convenience! This reduces administrative burden, and allows you to offer a completely paperless payroll! No more paper stubs floating around the office for wandering eyes. No more chasing down employees who move. No more W4 mistakes! Your employees are in control of their personal and financial information. ESS Paperless Payroll allows employees to access the following:

Profile Information:

Name, Address, W4, and State withholding allowances, emergency contacts and more

Payroll and Tax Information:

Details of their current and past pay checks, deductions, paid time off and direct deposit account information

Annual Tax Forms:

Current and previous years W2’s and/ or 1099’s

Time and Attendance:

Details of time clock transactions for the current and previous pay periods including time clock punches, hours worked etc….