Step 1: Sign Up

Signing up for Payroll Express is simple. All you need is your Federal ID #, your State Withholding # (if applicable), and your State Unemployment # and Rate. To sign up, visit or call 1-866-472-9397. Once registered, you will be given a username, a password, and a personal payroll specialist.

Step 2: Set Up Employees

Employee record management has never been easier. Simply login to Payroll Express, click employee add/edit, and input employee information. This information includes: name, address, pay rate, and pay frequency. So easy, a child could do it. Our small business payroll services were designed with you in mind.

Step 3: Submit Payroll

To submit payroll, employers select the "Submit Payroll" button and set the start and end date for the pay period. The employer then goes through the employee list and adds the hours each employee worked during the pay period. When finished, the payroll is then submitted to your personal payroll specialist.

Step 4: Payday

If your employees are paid by direct deposit, they will have access to their wages the morning of payday. If your employees receive physical checks, you must print out the checks and give them to each employee. That is it. Additionally, our small business payroll services take care of payroll taxes and the payroll express fee each pay period. As a customer, you are protected by our promise: "Your payroll, tax payments, and tax reporting will be on time and accurate, or we will pay the penalties."