Our 16-Point Service Guarantee

Our 16-Point Service Guarantee

At times, payroll might seem complicated. We are experts at payroll, and we promise each client exceptional service.

At Payroll Express, we are committed to providing high-quality service to businesses across the country, and we are so confident in what we do, we guarantee our work. 

So here it goes:

1. We promise each client a personal, “virtual” payroll department.

2. We promise to offer our clients a paperless payroll process. 

3. We promise each client access to edit their information online. 

4. We promise our clients a cloud-based employee data management system with HR capabilities. 

5. We promise our clients access to run their payroll anytime and anywhere. 

6. We promise to offer our clients 941 tax-payment transmittal and reporting. 

7. We promise to offer our clients state unemployment tax (SUTA) payment, transmittal and reporting. 

8. We promise to offer our clients state withholding tax payment, transmittal and reporting. 

9. We promise to assign our clients a personal payroll specialist.

10. We promise to provide our clients additional pre-tax deduction management services, including: 401k, IRA’s, insurance etc.

11. We promise to offer our clients garnishment maintenance services, if necessary. 

12. We promise to offer our clients child support maintenance services, if necessary.

13. We promise our clients customized reports that might easily be added to bookkeeping software. 

14. We promise our clients simple access to services, including time keeping and worker’s compensation. 

15. We promise to use cutting-edge technology and security to serve and protect our clients.

16. We promise the best customer service.

By maintaining our standards, our clients will be pleased with us and the services we offer.
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