Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy will explain specific details of how and when your personal information might be collected and used by, which will now be referred to as the Site.

This Privacy Policy applies to information collected on the Site, unless we have entered into a written agreement (this might include an electronically written agreement) that provides additional terms. This Privacy Policy does not apply to information collected by other means. When the Site is used or information is provided to the Site, you are consenting to the manner in which your personal information might be gathered. The specific manner in which your personal information will be collected is listed below.  The act of utilizing the services of, the client / user agrees to all Terms of Service as well as the Payroll  Express Privacy Policy.   Payroll Express reserves the right to permanently purge and delete  all information collected from the client / user after one year of inactivity.  

We will never sell personally identifiable information to third-party groups unless we have the user’s consent.

For security measures, we strive to protect all confidential customer information from loss or misuse. Though in most cases we keep our customer’s information private, we are obligated to share certain information with governmental taxing authorities, in order to ensure credit is made for tax withholding deposits. Additionally, we will use customer information to perform and provide contracted services and for communication purposes. We will only allow authorized personnel, who are trained in the proper handling of customer information, to access personally identifiable customer information.

We will strive to maintain our customer’s files in a complete, accurate manner. We will always inform our customers of the most convenient ways to access their information unless it is unlawful to do so. We will also notify customers how they might notify us of errors, which we will promptly correct.

In extraordinary circumstances, we might also be required to disclose confidential customer information to members of law enforcement or government officials. In this case, we reserve the right to release any information necessary, if we are required to do so by law to comply with the legal process. This is done to enforce our agreements with you, and in order to protect the Site, the Site’s users, and the public.

Collection of Personal Information

Providing personal information is not required to gain general access to the Site; however, in order to receive access to all areas, features, and information on the Site, you might be required to provide personal information. We gather personal information from several sources, including:

  • When the services of the Site are utilized, we collect your information to complete transactions. Examples of information might include your name, your phone number, or your email address. If a credit or debit card is used on the Site, the information collected will include the card’s account number.

  • When an account is established or registered to use certain features of the Site.

  • If information is shared as personal comments, inquiries about specific products and services, or in communication with customer service.

  • When an application for our services is submitted or registered for our services.

  • Additional information might be collected if you participate in the various programs offered by the Site.

  • We obtain information concerning the services utilized from your transactions and interactions with us, and with our affiliates. In addition, information is collected from your interactions with  our marketing partners and other third-party service providers. When certain features of the Site are used and personal information is voluntarily submitted, information might be collected. For example, when requesting a price quote or registering to receive a newsletter.

  • We might also collect information we receive from consumer and business reporting agencies.

How We Use Personal Information

We might use personal information, including information collected by our marketing partners, in order to enhance the quality of specific products and services offered. We also want to provide an enjoyable experience on the Site, and to do this, we are continually striving to improve the services we provide to you. We use personal information as a source to help us achieve this goal. Personal communication, through email and your visits to the Site, offers products and services we believe will be of interest to you. Your personal information, including  information about your business, might be used and cross-referenced with information from our marketing partners. This is done to help us provide our clients with a personalized experience on the Site.

We use the information we obtain from the Site to respond to your comments, resolve problems, to contact you in regards to the Site. Situations in which we might use your information might include: to resolve disputes, to contact you when necessary in connection with the operation of the Site, or to handle matters regarding any product or service transactions, to address problems at the Site, and to enforce contractual agreements.

We might employ the services of other businesses to perform tasks for us. Tasks might include marketing assistance, data analysis, or other services offered to Site users that might provide personal information, including business information.  Information will only be provided to other businesses when necessary to complete assigned tasks.

Collection of Non-Personal Information

On the Site, we might collect non-personally identifiable information when you visit the Site. The information that might be recorded could include your browser type (an example would be Google Chrome), the operating system you are using (an example would be Windows 8), and the domain name of your Internet service provider (an example would include CenturyLink). This information is used to help your business operate the Site.

How we use non-personal Information

The non-personally identifiable information collected will be used to improve the design and content of the Site, and it enables us to personalize your online experience. We might also use the information to analyze site usage, as well as to inform you of upcoming offers, products, programs, or services.

Use of Aggregate Information: Occasionally, we might gather general statistical information about users of the Site and our services. This information will be used to determine the usage of the Site and general information about the Site’s visitors.

Use of Cookies

All internet providers employ a tool called cookies that the Site might use. When you visit a site, cookies will store small amounts of data on your computer about your visit. Cookies offer us no identifiable information.

Limitation of Liability

The confidentiality of our customer's personal information is our top priority. Though all necessary steps are taken to safeguard information, no transmission in perfectly secure. Due to this, we shall not be held liable for the unauthorized disclosure of personal information not directly caused by the Site, including, but not limited to transmission errors or unauthorized acts.


The Site will not collect information from children under the age of 13.

Changing Your Information

If your account information must be changed, you can simply log in to the Site and use the Site’s tools to make the necessary changes.

Changes to Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy may change at any time. Please check the Privacy Policy frequently to remain aware of the information being collected by the Site.

If users have any concerns about their personal information, please contact us today:

Phone: 1 (866) 472-9397


Privacy updated September 2015