All tax deposits and transmittals are made on the client's behalf. Payroll Express also prepares and files all payroll tax returns and reports that are required by law. All tax payments, filings, and reports are guaranteed on time and accurate or Payroll Express will pay the penalties.

Let us worry about the taxes so you can spend time making sales and maximizing profits.

Timely and Accurate Tax Filing Services

Tax filing is a tedious process, oftentimes needing specialized software. Payroll Express offers payroll tax services on top of our other payroll processing and recording services.

Payroll Express prepares all income reports and tax returns and submits them as required by the state laws. Tax deposits are made by Payroll Express on your company’s behalf. THe government legally recognizes this payment as if it were paid by you.

Employee's out of state

We can help businesses that are expanding and hiring employees across state lines. We deal with the different tax laws and filing requirements for all states so you don't have to. For example, the oil boom in North Dakota caused many companies to re-locate employees there from out of state. We can help companies in such situations to make sure the proper taxes are all paid.

Western Employers

Our company specializes in payroll tax services filing for the Western States, such as Utah, Colorado and Idaho. Idaho and Utah alone are two of the biggest employers in the Rocky Mountain region.

Whether you are looking for Idaho tax filing, Utah tax filing, or tax filing in another state, Payroll Express has all the payroll tax services for all your needs.

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