Payroll Express offers a Workers Compensation Administration service. We'll help you stay in good standing with your existing Workers Compensation policy, or with a policy that Payroll Express will assist you in securing.

Workers Comp. “Pay As You Go”

The Hartford Logo In most cases Payroll Express, in conjunction with The Hartford, can help you secure a Workers Compensation policy in a “pay as you go” format. This convenient method allows Payroll Express to calculate, collect, and pay your workers compensation premium with each payroll that is processed. Most Compensation policies insist that you pay a deposit each year, with equal “estimated” premium payments. With the "pay as you go" format you only pay the Workers Compensation premium on the actual amount of your payroll.

Traditional Workers Comp. Insurance

If your business does not qualify for The Hartford “pay as you go” program, Payroll Express can still administer your Workers Compensation policy.

We just have the policy invoices and reports sent directly to us.

When Payroll Express receives the report, we will complete it with the payroll information provided by you and send it back to the insurance carrier.

When we receive an invoice, we scan the invoice and email it to you. We then transfer the amount due on that invoice and pay the insurance carrier. In the case of a Workers Compensation audit, we will provide any and all information required.

The Payroll Express Workers Compensation Administration service allows our clients to rest at ease knowing that in addition to their Payroll Taxes and reports. Their Workers Compensation payments and reporting is also in good standing.